New Gerard Butler movie The Vanishing

The disappearance of the Eilan Mor lighthouse keepers is being brought to life on the big screen for the first time. Three maintenance staff on the Flannan Isles outpost, in the Outer Hebrides, vanished in December 1900. A passing ship noticed the lighthouse had gone dark and a relief crew found the post abandoned, with no signs of anything amiss – apart from the chair. The trailer has just been launched, giving an outline of the story the screenwriters have imagined to fill in the mysterious blanks. Butler posted the trailer online and wrote: “Loved being back in my homeland Scotland to shoot this beautiful, haunting, atmospheric thriller.” The trailer shows the three men setting off to work by boat and settling into the lighthouse before a stranger washes up with a mysterious chest. Thinking he is dead, they take the chest, but the stranger comes to and is killed in a scuffle. While they decide what to do with the treasure chest, a boat full of strangers arrives on the island looking for answers and sparking a deadly battle. The film is likely to spark renewed interest in the island mystery.


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