David Bowie drummer recalls historic 1973

David Bowie drummer recalls historic 1973: infact his band seemed to have passed muster with a notoriously tough crowd – not a given in 1973 when fans could be brutal if they didn’t like what they saw. Woody only became certain this had been a good night, though when three burly locals approached him outside. Convinced he was heading for trouble, they shook his hand instead. Today any other reaction would be viewed as absurd – after all, Woody was one of the Spiders From Mars backing the legendary David Bowie. And the interaction with fans was very different three years ago when news broke of the death of his bandmate, leader and inspiration. By then, Bowie was a revered, inspirational and much-loved superstar. In Glasgow, 46 years ago, he was Ziggy Stardust and Woody was in the background alongside Mick Ronson and Trevor Bolder. While acclaim and stardom were on the horizon, they were pushing barriers in music and style and not sure how it would go down as they toured the UK.


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